THS Foundation


  • Supplement the general academic or vocational programs
  • Promote technology in the schools
  • Provide scholarships or add to an existing scholarship
  • Provide for expanded opportunities in the arts
  • Supplement the activities provided by the school

CONTRIBUTIONS-May Take Many Forms:

Direct gifts of cash or securities
Memorial gifts to honor a friend or relative
Deferred gifts through bequests, trusts or life insurace policies
Special gifts to support a particular program designated by the donor


Gifts to the Foundation need not be limited to financial donations. The friends of Tekamah-Herman Schools have contributed in other ways. Some of these are providing money for:

A new sound system for Tiger Stadium
A new flagpole donated by the Class of 1947
Banners for the gymnasium to honor state championship and runner-up teams
Trees which have been planted to beautify the school campus
A bulletin board to honor athletes holding school record
Additional books for the school libraries
New track surface
New playground equipment
New athletic uniforms

If questions, contact

Sarah Chatt
940 CR 31
Tekamah, NE 68061
[email protected]

  • Sarah Chatt
  • JoAnn Wragge
  • Pat Andersen
  • Burt Rogers
  • R. Dean Chase

The Tekamah-Herman Community Schools has developed a reputation for excellence in education. The school district continues to strive to provide the best educational opportunities for the children of this school district.

As you are aware, public schools are finding it increasingly difficult to expand and enrich the programs offered by the school due to shrinking traditional tax sources. Our school foundation will allow a way for individuals, groups and businesses to help support the school district through tax deductible contributions. The Tekamah-Herman Public Schools Foundation is a legally incorporated nonprofit organization that has been established in accordance with existing state and federal tax laws. The foundation does not receive tax dollars, and the gifts it does receive do not replace tax dollars collected for the operation of the school.

The Tekamah-Herman Board of Education has appointed a five-member Board of Directors for the Foundation which is comprised of four members from the communities of Tekamah and Herman and a representative from the Board of Education. The members of the Board of Directors do not receive any financial compensation for their service.
The monies donated to the Tekamah-Herman Public School Foundation, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, are to be used “for the benefit of or to carry out the purposes of the School District of Tekamah-Herman.” Foundation funds will be used to benefit the students who are attending or have attended the Tekamah-Herman Community Schools.

The Tekamah-Herman Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors invites you to join us in this important and exciting endeavor. Gifts or bequests to the Foundation can be a lasting tribute to a loved one, a part of estate planning or simply a way to say “thanks” to the school that provided you with your education. All gifts are tax deductions.

All gifts, large or small, are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding the Foundation, feel free to call any Foundation Board member or the superintendent of schools.


President, Board of Directors
Tekamah-Herman Public Schools Foundation

The Tekamah-Herman Public Schools Foundation now houses the funds that support over 100 scholarships per year. These scholarships now provide more than $150,000 in aid each year to graduates from the Tekamah-Herman Community Schools. Current graduates as well as past graduates are invited to apply.

Since inception, the foundation has funded over $2,000,000 in scholarships and special projects.

Frequently Asked Questions
*All applications must be typed (download as document)

*Please check minimum GPA requirements

*Provide official college transcript

*Please answer all questions specific to each application to avoid being disqualified

*Must be postmarked by April 15 or earlier

*Submit through mail or deliver to school guidance office



*All applications are due by April 15th

*All applicants must be enrolled 2nd semester to be eligible to receive any scholarships.

*All scholarship checks will be made payable to recipient and school they’re attending.

*All applicants must list parent’s home phone with their application.

*If attending out of state school, need the institution’s exact address.

*Past graduates need to submit current transcript with the application.

*Official Transcripts are required with the application.

If questions, contact

Sarah Chatt
940 CR 31
Tekamah, NE 68061
[email protected]


Mail a hardcopy of the Scholarship Form to:
Tekamah-Herman Guidance Counselor
Tekamah-Herman Schools
112 North 13 Street
Tekamah, NE 68061


Or deliver a copy to the school guidance office

For eligibility requirements, click the links below:

Tekamah-Herman Schools

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Superintendent: Dan Gross | 402-374-2157 | 2018-2020 Contract
Secondary Principal: Tom Borders| 402-374-2156
Elementary Principal: Sarah Rusk | 402-374-2154
School Fax: 402-374-2155

Teacher Qualifications

All parents are welcome to inquire about the professional qualifications of Tekamah-Herman teachers. To request information regarding these qualifications, please contact Mr. Dan Gross, Superintendent.

You may access our District Report Card, prepared by Nebraska Department of Education at