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7-12 Staff

Tom Borders – Principal

Ms. Gahan

Email- Tom Borders

Molly Miller


Alternative Education

Mrs. Miller

Email- Molly Miller

Ms. Gahan


Speech & One Act Sponsor

Ms. Gahan

Kaitlynn Wolfe


Mr. Walford

Taylor Klein

Business -FBLA and Computer Club Sponsor


Mr. Walford

John Walford

Business and Boys Golf

Mr. Walford

Kevin Breedlove


Mr. Breedlove

Nishja Nuss

Counselor, NHS

Click photo to go to Miss Nuss’s webpage.

Luis Fernandez Ruiz


Jessica Heaton

English – Yearbook

Mrs. Heaton

Juliet Jensen

English – IHelp

Mrs. Jensen

Hannah Gunther

Family & Consumer Science – FCCLA

Ms. Hyslop

Leslee Brenneis

High School Special Education

Mrs. Brenneis

Traci Lingle

High School Special Education

Mrs. Lingle

Kathy Hladky


Academic Decathlon

Miss Hladky

Tracy Heffelfinger

Math – Math Club

Mrs. Heffelfinger

Laura McElmuray Math

Click photo to go to Mrs. McElmuray’s webpage.

Graig McElmuray Trades & Industry Football Coach Weights

Mr. McEmuray

Kathy Ray

Junior High Reading

Mrs. Ray

Zach Rosenboom

Junior High Social Studies

Mr. Rosenboom

Michelle Niewohner

Music – Vocal

Mrs. Niewohner

Stan Mencke

Driver’s Education

Mr. Mencke

David Eriksen

Physical Education

Girls Basketball

Mr. Eriksen

Viki Jackson


Mrs. Jackson

Manni Belfrage


Mrs. Belfrage

Scott Guzinski

History & Government

Mr. Guzinksi

Jane Walford

World History & Geography

Mrs. Walford

Heidi Johnson

Junior High English


Mitch Sapp

Trades & Industry

Mr. Sapp

Bailey Kobs

Agriculture Education, FFA Sponsor

Miss Kobs

Don Wallace

K-12 Media Director

Mr. Wallace

Shelly Stark

K-12 Curriculum/Assessment Director

Mrs. Stark

Jarod Owens

 Special Education

Head Wrestling Coach – Wrestling

Mr. Owens

Elementary Staff

Ben Kreifels – Principal

Ben Kreifels

Elementary Counselor, AM Preschool

Junior High Girls Track Coach

Mrs. Hansen

Jodi Hansen

Kindergarten – Tekamah

Mrs. Bridges

Abra Bridges

Kindergarten – Tekamah

Deb Panko

First Grade – Tekamah

Junior High Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Rogers

First Grade – Tekamah

Second Grade – Tekamah

Second Grade – Tekamah

Miss Tonjes

Third Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Mencke

Third Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Nathan

Fourth Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Smith

Fourth Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Braniff

Ellen Eriksen

Title & PM Preschool

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Eriksen

Fifth Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Erikson

Fifth Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Loftis

Sixth Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Fleischman

Sixth Grade – Tekamah

Mrs. Carlson

Elementary – Special Education

Mrs. Hunter

Kim Jackson

Elementary – Title 1

Mrs. Jackson

Elementary Physical Education

Drivers Education, Head Boys Track Coach

Junior High Volleyball Coach

Mr. Mencke

Allison Potadle

Elementary Music

Mrs. Potadle


Mrs. Becky Rennerfeldt

Athletic Director

Mrs. Rennerfeldt

Elementary- Sue Connealy

Special Education

Mrs. Connealy

Elementary- Linda Ellis


Mrs. Connealy

Tekamah-Herman Schools

112 North 13 Street |Tekamah, NE 68061

Superintendent: Dan Gross | 402-374-2157 | 2017 – 2019 Contract
Secondary Principal: Tom Borders| 402-374-2156
Elementary Principal: Ben Kreifels | 402-374-2154
School Fax: 402-374-2155

Teacher Qualifications

All parents are welcome to inquire about the professional qualifications of Tekamah-Herman teachers. To request information regarding these qualifications, please contact Mr. Ben Kreifels, Elementary Principal.

You may access our District Report Card, prepared by Nebraska Department of Education at http://nep.education.ne.gov/

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