Tekamah-Herman Elementary provides a safe environment where students develop into respectful, responsible, and motivated life-long learners.  We prepare students to meet the challenges of today’s society.


Welcome to our school! We are proud to teach our community’s children and monitor each student’s progress continuously. This is done weekly during grade level PLC meetings. We also meet formally three times per year during Data Days. Data Days are run through our school-wide Title I Program, and provide an opportunity for teachers to collaboratively set/review academic goals for each student in our school. Our active Student Assistance Team meets several times monthly to find supports for students who are at risk.

Our 2017-2018 school theme is “Restore the ROAR!” This theme reminds our students to exhibit pride in their school and themselves. It is also a daily reminder for our staff to praise students’ positive behaviors and engage students in the learning process.

Restore the ROAR!
Mr. Kreifels

Academic Achievements

Most recent results of Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) assessments show:

* 3rd graders achieved a higher NeSA-Math score than any previous 3rd grade class in our district.
* Percentage of Tekamah-Herman 3rd graders proficient in NeSA-Reading has never been higher.

* Percentage of Tekamah-Herman 4th graders proficient in NeSA-Math has never been higher.

* 4th graders improved average scale scores in both Math and Reading.

* 5th graders achieved higher scores than any previous 5th grade class in all tested subject areas (Reading, Math, & Science).

* 5th graders outperformed the state average for the first time in Reading & Math.

* Our students have outperformed the state average in Science for two consecutive years.

* 6th graders achieved a higher average score than any previous Tekamah-Herman 6th grade class in Reading & Math

* 6th graders outperformed state average in Math

* 5 Elementary students earned perfect scores in one or more NeSA tests.

Staff Recognition

The Nebraska Association of Elementary School Principals has recognized our Preschool-6th grade staff with ‘Award of Excellence’ certificates for the past two years.

* In 2014-2015, we were recognized for Improving Instruction & Promoting Safety.

* In 2015-2016, we were recognized for Curriculum Review & Alignment.

Tekamah-Herman Schools

112 North 13 Street |Tekamah, NE 68061

Superintendent: Dan Gross | 402-374-2157 | 2018-2020 Contract
Secondary Principal: Tom Borders| 402-374-2156
Elementary Principal: Ben Kreifels | 402-374-2154
School Fax: 402-374-2155

Teacher Qualifications

All parents are welcome to inquire about the professional qualifications of Tekamah-Herman teachers. To request information regarding these qualifications, please contact Mr. Ben Kreifels, Elementary Principal.

You may access our District Report Card, prepared by Nebraska Department of Education at http://nep.education.ne.gov/