Computer 1:1 Policy

Tekamah-Herman Community Schools is proud to offer our High School Students Apple MacBook Air computers for use at school and at home.

The Learning Initiative Program, which provides mobile computing and wireless technology to all High School Students, has been designed to enhance the delivery and individualization of instruction.


Computer roll-out will be on Tuesday, August 18th in the high school gym at the following times:
Seniors: 6-6:30 pm
Juniors: 6:30-7 pm
Sophomores: 7-7:30 pm
Freshmen: 7:30-8 pm
Please adhere to the following guidelines:
-Everyone must enter through the east gym door.
-Masks are required.
-If possible, please have your check/cash ready and paperwork filled out PRIOR to arriving at the school. Computer insurance is $35/student and checks can be made payable to Tekamah-Herman Schools. There are TWO forms per student that need to be signed and turned in.
-If there are siblings in different grades, computers will be given out during the oldest sibling’s time slot.
-Everyone will exit through the west gym doors.
We appreciate your cooperation.

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Teacher Qualifications

All parents are welcome to inquire about the professional qualifications of Tekamah-Herman teachers. To request information regarding these qualifications, please contact Mr. Dan Gross, Superintendent.

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