1287 FFA Chapters from across Nebraska attended and competed in contest areas at the Nebraska FFA State Convention in Lincoln Nebraska April 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2003. Ribbons given out to top 50% of the teams and individuals in the contest. 




cow/calf pair


horse and foul


dairy cow pig
a welder working a mechanic

Livestock Management Team Purple 5th
Beef Gabe Bromm red 26th
Poultry Mike Jones purple 2nd
Dairy Courtney Braesch - blue 20th
Horse Alex Zabel - blue 21st
Swine Kristie Klein- white 75th
Sheep Jon Hansen - red 39th 

Agriscience Team Blue 5th
Jesse Toft- 23rd purple
Tyler McCormick-tie 34th blue

Tyler Peterson- tie 34th blue

Aaron Snow- 144th white



Agronomy- purple 5th place team

John Toft - 5th purple

JJ Tyson - 14th purple

Gabe Bromm 40th blue

Heath Hansen - 114th



Welding- blue 11th place team

MIG-Dan Kahlandt - 14th blue

O/A - Jay Jensen - 16th blue

ARC - Paul Johnson - 30th white



Natural Resources- red 14th place team
John Toft - 21st blue

JJ Tyson - 37th blue

Josh Wagner 

Joey Johnson




State Proficiencies

 The following  proficiencies all received a Gold rating at Districts.  They where then judged on the state level.  They where rated Gold, Silver or Bronze.  The top 3 golds were interviewed at the State Convention and received plaques and cash awards Thursday night during the convention session.           


Top Golds at state:
Buck Hoier- 1st, in Beef Production- Placement

Gabe Bromm- 3rd, in Diversified Ag Production- Placement

Tyler McCormick- 2nd, in Forest Management and Products 

John Toft- 3rd, in Wildlife Production and Management Entrepreneurship 
John Toft- 1st, in Wildlife production and management- Placement 
Paul Johnson -3rd, in Grain Production Placement
Emily Zabel- 3rd, Equine Placement
JJ Tyson 4th, in Specialty Crop Production

Other state metals include:

Mike Jones-  Bronze in Ag Services

Megan Peterson- Silver in Ag Services

Jennifer Uhing- Bronze in Beef Production- Entrepreneurship

Jon Hansen- Bronze in Beef Production -Entrepreneurship

Heath Hansen- Bronze in Beef Production -Entrepreneurship

Kristie Klein- Gold in Beef Production -Entrepreneurship 

Gabe Bromm- Gold in Beef Production - Placement

Heath Hansen - Gold in Beef Production - Placement

Courtney Braesch- Bronze in Beef Production -Placement

Paul Johnson- Bronze in Diver Crop- Placement

Nate Williams- Bronze in Diver Crop- Placement

Jay Jensen- 5th, Silver in Divers Livestock- Placement 

Alex Zabel- Silver in Equine Science- Placement

Paul Johnson- Gold in Fiber/oil Crop- Placement

JJ Tyson- Silver in Fiber/oil Crop- Placement

Dan Kahlandt- Silver in Forage Production 

Paul Johnson- 5th, Silver in Grain Production- Placement 

John Toft- Silver in Outdoor Recreation

Aaron Snow- Silver in Outdoor Recreation

Mike Jones- Bronze in Poultry Production

Tarrah Hovendick- Silver in Small Animal Production and Care

Kristie Klein- 4th, Silver in Specialty Animal Production 

JJ Tyson- Silver in Specialty Crop Production

State Degree Winners

John Toft- District Star - Agribusiness

Paul Johnson- District Star - Placement

Jay Jensen- District Star - Placement

Dan Kahlandt 

JJ Tyson





American Degrees

Kevin Kahlandt

Josh Olson

Jennifer Zabel




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