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Tekamah-Herman Community Schools will provide a quality education with the active support of staff, parents and community.

Description provided by the School District Current Contact Information

Tekamah-Herman Community Schs
112 N 13TH ST    
TEKAMAH, NE 68061-1044

Phone: (402)374-2157
Fax: (402)374-2155
Agency ID: 11-0001-000
The Tekamah-Herman Schools is a Class III district attended by 533 students in grades K through 12th grade. In addition 38 preschool students attend a district operated program at the Herman Elementary School. The school district offers a quality instructional program that includes a strong college preparatory program, an exceptional fine arts program, and a comprehensive vocational program including numerous vocational course offerings in business, automotive, technology and agriculture. The district encompasses 269 square miles in Burt and Washington Counties with a valuation of $743,810,116, a tax levy of $0.895 and a per pupil cost of $11,700 per student. The mission of the Tekamah-Herman Schools is to provide a quality education with the active support of staff, parents, and community. The Tekamah-Herman Community Schools employs 100 full or part time staff members.

Improvement Goals provided by the School District
School Improvement Goals: 1. All students will perform to satisfactory levels of achievement in the areas of Reading and Language Arts. 2. All students will perform to satisfactory levels of achievement in the area of Mathematics. 3. A high percentage of students and faculty will improve technology skills and competencies. The Tekamah-Herman Community Schools revisits district goals on a continuing basis. Current efforts are being directed to improvement of technology skills for both students and teachers. During the current school year the staff will continue training on the Power School Information System and the curriculum mapping technology program. Work continues in the technology skill development area on a continuous basis. Also, in an ongoing effort, the district will continue to focus on satisfactory achievement of assessment in Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science standards as identified by the Nebraska State Board of Education. Alignment to the state standards in all of these areas, the development of quality assessments, and revision work for the improvement of these assessments has been an ongoing state initiative. Through the School Improvement Process Tekamah-Herman staff continues to address these goals and continues to analyze the data, set up target areas for in depth study, and evaluate the progress for the accomplishment of these long and short range goals. Tekamah-Herman Schools is a member of the Educational Service Unit #2 consortium and participates in professional development activities and other learning enhancement activities for professional staff. The district has implemented a School Improvement Team and several work committees to direct and address the goals of the school improvement process. Work is currently done in data gathering. data input, and data evaluation. School Improvement goals continue to be revisited and revised annually.


Physical Forms


Nebraska law requires children upon entry into the beginner grade, 7th grade, or transferring from an out-of-state school, to have a physical examination within 6 months prior to school entrance.

Nebraska law requires children entering the beginner grade or transferring from an out-of-state school to provide proof of vision evaluation within 6 months prior to school entrance. This evaluation is to include testing for amblyopia, strabismus, internal, and external eye health, and visual acuity.

This basically means:

  1. Out of state transfer students and kindergartners must get a physical & vision exam prior to the start of school. These students get the 2 sided form.
  2. Returning 7th graders and 7th graders transferring within the state need the one sided form that is indicated for 7th graders.
  3. There is the possibility that some 7th graders will be transferring from out-of-state and these students need both physical and vision exams and must also use the 2 sided form.
  4. Regarding the vision exam: The elements of this eye exam can be done by any health care provider (including MDs, ODs, PAs, APRNs) and DOES NOT require an eye specialist. Of course an exam by an eye specialist is also acceptable, but it is not mandatory to see one to meet this requirement.


All students in 8-12th grade and plan to participate in THS athletics will be required to turn in an athletic physical form.

Kindergarten and Out-of-State Transfer Physical Form

Vision Form

7th Grade Physical Form




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